Do you feel helpless when....

  • * Your computer or network is getting slower?
  • * Your computer becomes unreliable, rebooting or stopping anytime?
  • * Your computer seems to be infected by a virus?
  • * Your computer network is unreliable or stops working just when you need it most?
  • * You just want to get on with the job and run your business without worrying about the technology tools that are 'supposed' to make work easier?

Take charge NOW

Australian Business Computers offers professional administration and consultancy services to solve your computing problems.

We provide technical advice, based on 25+ years industry experience, explained in a way that is easily understood, regardless of background.

Our focus is aligned with listening to our clients, researching alternatives, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each and implementing the best solutions that you decide will meet your needs.

Check out our Services page for details on the principle ways we assist most businesses. Our ability to service businesses is not limited to the contents of our services page. If your needs are not listed, contact us to discuss your requirements further. Chances are we can help, or at least point you in a the right direction.