About Australian Business Computers

ABN Number: 73 037 402 108

Credentials / Education / Experience

Australian Business Computers is an Australian business, based in South East Queensland, that has been supporting Australian companies for many years in the field of Information Technology and Networking.

The business has experience in government, International and small Business areas. Our focus is on Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses.


Our staff all posses University qualifications in computing and are MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) trained. They are all experienced professionals in the field of computing, delivering over 25 years computing experience to the business community.

Our Mission

To provide a positive contribution to businesses of all sizes through the provision of professional computing consultancy services in a win-win partnership fashion. We assist businesses by working with them to create solutions to their computing and systems problems.

Our Vision

To provide the best technology solutions to the business problems of business owners. Our vision is to assist people to help themselves. We achieve this through the belief that information and education will assist clients to make the best 'informed' decisions about what is most suitable for their businesses. After all, you know your business best.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Empowerment of clients through education
  • Creation of Win-Win relationships for all parties
  • Contribution to the community.

ABC is different from other businesses in that it was born of (and maintains) a heritage steeped in technical knowledge, excellence and accomplishment. We provide accurate, realistic estimates of what can be actually be achieved including full disclosure of the likely risks that may be encountered. We are not salesmen who try to sell you a solution for the biggest dollar profit, who then disappear at the first sign of after sales support.

Rather we seek to develop long term relationships with all our partners (clients and suppliers) to everyones benefit.