• Australian Business Computers offers many services depending on clients needs. Although we are techies, we pride ourselves on being able to communicate the important information to clients in a way they understand. A way that empowers clients to make appropriate business decisions with all the correct information to make the 'best' decision. The following professional services are commonly provided:

Computer Network Design and Installation

If you need to share your data (eg. customer contact list) amongst staff, then Australian Business Computers offers professional consultancy services to design, connect, install and solve problems in computing networks, from 2 to 200 computers.

Computer and Network Security

We provide technical advice and systems to prevent unauthorised access and threats to your business data (from external and internal to your business). This is achieved though implementatiion of firewalls, anti-virus, anti-trojan devices and security/access permissions. Australian Business Computers is also able to detect and remove Virus infections. As the saying goes, "An once of prevention is better than a pound of cure". It is infinately more effective to establish security measures and policy prior to discovering a threat. You just may pay by losing your customer data.

Broadband Installation

Broadband offers considerable advantages over and above standard modem dial-up internet access. After including the cost of internet phone calls each month and considering the missed phone calls and time wasted waiting 6 times as long for downloads, broadband (ADSL and cable) works out comparable and sometimes cheaper than dial up access. Though don't be fooled by the "budget" broadband plans of some of the well known 'big' players. An Australian Business Computers client rang recently to complain of receiving a $900+ Telstra bill, after dismissing Australian Business Computer advice to stay away from those broadband plans. The dispute is still happening.

Disaster, Recovery and Backup Systems

A properly devised and tested Disaster Recovery system ensures that the computer system is 'off-air' for only the shortest time, should a catastrophic disaster (eg. fire, flood, power outage or spike) should occur. While a related Backup System, ensures that all the important data is kept safe and able to be restored should it be deleted or lost (accidentally, maliciously or due to hardware failure). "It's too late to shut the gate after the horse has bolted" Again, Disaster, Recovery and Backup systems need to be implemented BEFORE they are needed, and preferably during design of the entire system.

Fault Diagnosis and Rectification

Australian Business Computers uses logical structured approaches to solve computer problems in the quickest, most efficient ways, keeping costs down.

Business Analysis, System Specification and Installation

Often time and labour intensive tasks can be performed quicker and more efficiently by using specific technological tools or re-designing the business systems process for the task. Half the battle is gaining familiarity with just what is already out there that could help. Or using people familiar with the industry in an advisory capacity. Sometimes, it just takes a fresh view looking at the same problem. A recent client was very pleased to discover that their $250 investment in Australian Business Computers tweaking an existing business process, saved them $6000+ each year.

Management and Administration of Computer Networks

Australian Business Computers is able to manage and administer business network systems on-site or remotely. This can include license management, staff training, network fault finding and vendor liason duties.